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Chip Carter


Chip Carter got detoured.

Heading out of the gate in Conyers, GA longer ago than you want to know, he initially intended to pursue a career in music. And did. Sort of.

Though he's never been far from his first love, Carter's made his living as an internationally known journalist (though his first grown-up job was as an actor in a PBS TV series when he was 19 and 20) writing a syndicated column about video games for The Chicago Tribune with son Jon from 1990-2009.

In Fall 2013 Carter was watching a University of Georgia football game when the chorus to "The Bulldog Song" invaded his head. It never left and, as a lifelong Bulldog, he filed it away for future use. During the 2014 season, he realized a new verse was seemingly writing itself every time the Dawgs played. Gathering those together in Summer 2015, Carter headed back to the studio for the first time in over a decade. He hired a drummer and an engineer, did the rest himself -- and something kind of magic happened.

The creative success revived an unfinished project... "Reluctant Cowboy."


"I went into journalism because, doing that, the drummer could never not show up, which meant I'd always get paid, " Carter says. "But I kept playing and occasionally recording and music has always been my first love and never been far from my heart or hands. I've been a very blessed man but I'm thinking 'The Bulldog Song' is pretty much the coolest gift I ever got. Go Dawgs!"

"Reluctant Cowboy" is a soulful blend of old-school country, blues and Southern rock, ringing guitars and soaring harmonies, all filtered through Georgia red clay, with one foot in history and another stepping solidly towards tomorrow.

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