The Bulldog Song is a rocking anthem celebrating the UGA  legacy!

Lean and mean in 2017, the Georgia Bulldogs are looking good -- and The Bulldog Song is rocking along.

It's on the air at several Georgia radio stations (call yours) and The Nation is singing along at tailgates and post-game parties every Saturday.

"Man it's great to see the Dawgs playing like this," says Chip Carter, who released The Bulldog Song last year as part of his Reluctant Cowboyalbum. "What makes it even more fun for me is so many people know The Bulldog Song now that sometimes they say hello or want to talk about it. I live in Tampa but I'm home in Georgia all the time, traveling all over for work and family. Folks blow the horn on I-75, say hey at a pizza place. I've heard from musicians I've loved for years and a whole lot of old friends. This song has become my alter-ego! It's pretty much the coolest thing that's ever happened in my life -- and a lot of cool things have happened in my life."

Shoutouts are in order -- Andrew Pellegrino played the hell outta them drums; CC played the rest and does the singin' and preachin'; recorded at Atomic Audio; Frank Calcaterra was the engineer and worked stupid hard on the mix; John Houy shot and edited the video (CC produced -- thanks to our friends at UGA and the Nickey Gregory Company for letting us shoot there and turning out to represent!)

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